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21.12.2017 . Our partnership will be enforced!

We are pleased that Dr. Sebastian Heiroth will join our firm as a Partner in 2018.



03.07.2017 . EPO clarifies practice in the area of plant and animal patents

After the decisions G2/12 and G2/13 the practice of the EPO was to allow patent protection for plants, part of plants and fruits of plants obtained by an essetially biological process from transgenically modified organisms. This practice have been overcome. Starting from July 1, 2017 the EPO doesn´t allow no more such protection, due to the intention of the European legislator concernicg Art. 53(b) EPC.



07.04.2017 . The German Federal Council approved The Unified Patent Court Agreement

The German Federal Council approved the Unified Patent Court Agreement on March 31, 2017. By this approval the ratification process for establishing the Unified Patent Court (UPC) went a big step forward, since Germany and Great Britain are mandatory ratifiers. Independent from the Brexit UK wants to adhere to the UPC and the ratification procedure will likely oi be completed soon as well.



05.03.2017 . Partial Priority can be validly claimed G1/15

The Enlarged Board of Appeal came in decision G1/15 to the conclusion that a partial priority of a claim containing a general term can be validly claimed if the priority document comprises said embodiment for the first time, directly or at least implicitly and unambigously disclosed.



19.02.2015 . Validation of European Patents in Marocco

Marocco will be the first non-contracting state accepting validation of European granted patents. Validation will be available for granted patents having a filing date on of after March 1, 2015.


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