The back office teams: Patently capable

Within the context of the dossiers entrusted to us, more than twenty specialized employees are active behind the scenes. They are organized into different teams to work on legal transfers of intellectual property rights, for example, or on employee invention matters. They take care of processing annual fees and conduct patent and trademark monitoring. They translate documents into German, English and French and constitute the centralized postal service for the firm.

    • A. Ambrosius

      Alexa Ambrosius

      File organisation

    • f+e patent Teammitglied

      Rinki Brauns

      Purchasing / Travel organisation

    • f+e patent Teammitglied

      Evelyn Cölln

      Reception / Translations

    • f+e patent Teammitglied S. Dickbrenner

      Susanne Dickbrenner

      Trademarks / Transfer of rights

    • f&e patent, Teammitglied: M. Frangenberg

      Michaela Frangenberg

      Reception / Purchasing / Employee inventorship matter

    • f&e patent, Teammitglied: D. Fröhlingsdorf

      Dagmar Fröhlingsdorf

      Reception / Purchasing / Translations

    • Teammitglied Helser-Arend

      Birgit Helser-Arend

      Accounting department

    • f+e patent Teammitglied

      Sandra Kramer

      Patent and trademark monitoring / Annual fee payment

    • f+e patent Teammitglid S. Lang

      Sabine Lang

      Mail processing / Annual fee payment

    • f+e patent Teammitglied

      Emily Porschen

      Mail processing / Employee inventorship matter

    • f+e patent E. Sevim

      Emine Sevim

      Patent and trademark monitoring / Annual fee payment

    • f&e patent Teammitglied: B. Taprogge

      Birgit Taprogge

      Mail processing / Employee inventorship matter

    • f+e patent Teammitglied

      Erika Zell

      Mail processing / Translations / Validation

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