Dr. Sven-Christian Siedenstein

European Patent Attorney


Master of Science and PhD in Chemistry


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  • 특허출원, 이의소송, 항의소송
  • career

    Dr. Sven-Christian Sidenstein studied Chemistry at the University of Siegen where he specialized in physical and macromolecular chemistry. After his studies, he moved to the Max-Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen and worked in the NanoBiophotonics department for his doctoral thesis on new methods of super-resolution fluorescence microscopy. This was followed by two years in the development and technical sales department of a manufacturer of super-resolution fluorescence microscopes.

    Dr. Sven-Christian Sidenstein was trained as a European Patent Attorney at Fleischer, Engels & Partner mbB, Patentanwälte and successfully passed the European Qualifying Examination in 2023.


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